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Topographia Mineralogica Hungariae IV. (1996)

Minerals of Hungary

 Written by Sándor Szakáll & Melinda Jánosi


HU ISBN 963 7221 78 6
HU ISSN 1215 9581



Our volume endeavours to give a short survey of Hungarian minerals and mineral parageneses. The presentation is topographical-genetic: we move from east to west from mountain region to mountain region. We treat the parageneses in the mountain regions usually in relation to the age of the host rock and the mineral forming processes. Space permitting we include historical and industrial particulars in our descriptions.
After presenting the parageneses of the different regions we give tables containing the full lists of mineral species of 250 occurrences. Within one locality the species are presented in alphabetical order.
Unfortunately we had no space for finer distinctions within the parageneses. For instance in case of hydrothermal ore deposits we can not distinguish hydrothermal and epigenic phases, or in bauxite deposits the pre-, syn- and postgenetic species are listed together.
The discussion of individual mountain ranges of Hungary includes a geological map showing not only the most important formations, but also the locality names as well as the situation of the mountain range within the country. Before starting with parageneses we give a short survey of the history of topographic mineralogy in Hungary.
The descriptive chapters of this book were originally written for the permanent exhibition “Minerals of Hungary” at Herman Ottó Museum, Miskolc. The revised English translation is published on the occasion of the 3rd Conference on Mineralogy and Museums (Budapest, June 1996).





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