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Kossuth u. 13, H-3525 Miskolc, Hungary. Postal address: P. O. Box 4, H-3501 Miskolc,
Phone: (+36) 46 505-098 fax:(+36) 46 555-397 e-mail: homin@hermuz.hu

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Foundation for Hungarian Minerals

Kossuth u. 13, H-3525 Miskolc, Hungary
E-mail: maa@hermuz.hu
Tax number: 18403855-1-05
Bank account: TAKH.HUHB 56100048-15800071

Foundation for Hungarian Minerals was founded by the Herman Ottó Museum in 1992. Its goal is to give financial supports for collecting and studying of Hungarian minerals and publishing of scientific and educational papers and books about mineralogy of Hungary. During the last years the Foundation gave assistance for the following activities in close connection with the projects of the Department of Mineralogy, HOM:

• Collecting activities

+ obtaining of mineral samples from Hungarian localities
+ obtaining of mineralogical literature (books, journals)
+ obtaining of objects concerning history of mineralogy in Hungary
+ buying of legacies.

• Scientific activities

+ organization and arrangement of mineralogical field trips
+ expenses of mineralogical and geochemical investigations
+ publishing of mineralogical books and papers.

• Educational activities

+ organization of permanent and temporary exhibitions
+ organization of the International Mineral Show at the University of Miskolc
+ organization of mineralogical field trips for young people and amateur mineralogists
+ publishing of mineralogical materials for the general public
+ organization and remuneration on mineralogical contests.

Please, sponsor the Foundation for Hungarian Minerals.

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