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Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica*
Abstract Series 5

3rd "Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians" Conference
Edited by Gábor Papp, Béla Fehér and Ferenc Kristály - 2006

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Almási, B., Csámer, Á., Farkas, J. & Rózsa, P.

MACALC: A program for supporting modal analysis of rocks

Abstract [almasib.pdf]


Andráš, P. & Križáni, I.

Heavy metals in animal tissues from the dumps at Štiavnické Bane deposit

Abstract [andrasp1.pdf]


Andráš, P., Luptáková, J. & Chovan, M.

Pb isotope study of stibnite mineralization from the Western Carpathians

Abstract [andrasp2.pdf]


Babinszki, E., Márton, E., Márton, P. & Kiss L. F.

Widespread occurrence of greigite in the fine-grained sediments of Lake Pannon: Implications for environment and magnetostratigraphy

Abstract [babinszkie.pdf]


Bajnóczi, B. & Horváth, E.

Secondary carbonate forms in the Basaharc double paleosoil (Basaharc, Hungary)

Abstract [bajnoczib.pdf]


Bálintová, T. & Ozdín, D.

Sulphosalts from Chyžné-Herichová in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia)

Abstract [balintovat.pdf]


Batki, A. & Pál-Molnár, E.

Mineralogy of lamprophyres from the Ditrău alkaline massif, Romania

Abstract [batkia.pdf]


Bazarnik, J.

Geochemical changes in siderites from the Lublin coal basin – Preliminary results

Abstract [bazarnikj.pdf]


Benkó, Zs., Molnár, F. & Pécskay, Z.

Application of K-Ar age determination of hydrothermal clay minerals for reconstruction of fluid mobilization processes in the Variscan granite intrusion of the Velence Mts. (Transdanubia, Hungary)

Abstract [benkozs.pdf]


Beqiraj, A. & Masi, U.

Clinopyroxene composition: A possible discrimination between magmatic rocks with MOR and SSZ affinities

Abstract [beqiraja.pdf]


Beqiraj, E., Muller, F., Touray, J. C. & Jozja, N.

Zeolites of Munella (Albania) – A stilbite-stellerite solid solution

Abstract [beqiraje.pdf]


Berbeleac, I., Jude, R., Udubaşa, S. S. & Nuţu, M. L.

Gold in Pre-Alpine mineralizations from Romania

Abstract [berbeleaci.pdf]


Blagojević-Babič, S., Babič, D. & Vasković, N.

The collection of Serbian minerals from 1889

Abstract [blagojevicbabics.pdf]


Broska, I., Gaab, A. & Kubiš, M.

Tetrad effect in the Western Carpathians granites and their petrological interpretation

Abstract [broskai.pdf]


Cempírek, J. & Novák, M.

Beryllophosphate assemblages from the Rožná pegmatite, Czech Republic

Abstract [cempirekj.pdf]


Cora, I., Tóth, E., Weiszburg, T. G. & Zajzon, N.

Mineralogical study of Upper Cambrian glauconites from Texas, USA

Abstract [corai.pdf]


Damian, Gh., Ciobanu, C.L., Cook, N.J. & Damian, F.

The first occurrence of bismuth sulphosalts in the Şuior ore deposit, Baia Mare district, Romania

Abstract [damiangh.pdf]


Datsyuk, Yu. & Fourman, V.

Fitting the background curve on the spectra of X-ray microanalysis of minerals

Abstract [datsyukyu.pdf]


Derkowski, A., Franus, W., Waniak-Nowicka, H. & Czímerová, A.

CEC and EGME retention vs. textural properties of Na-X (FAU) zeolite

Abstract [derkowskia.pdf]


Dódony, I.

Structural variabilities in serpentine-group minerals. An HRTEM view

Abstract [dodonyi.pdf]


Dódony, I. & Lovas, Gy. A.

Dioctahedral vermiculite in the Boda Siltstone Formation (Boda, Mecsek Mts., SW-Hungary)

Abstract [dodonyi2.pdf]


Dumitraş, D.-G., Marincea, Ş., Diaconu, G. & Moutte, J.

Hydroxylapatite crusts on the carbonate floor from Peştera Mare de la Balta (Mehedinţi Plateau, Romania)

Abstract [dumitrasdg.pdf]


Ferraris, G.

Micro- and mesoporous mineral phases

Abstract [ferrarisg.pdf]


Franus, M.

Glauconite-quartz compounds applied for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution – Column study

Abstract [franusm.pdf]


Gál, B., Poros, Zs. & Molnár, F.

Hydrothermal mineralization in the Hárshegy Sandstone Formation of Middle Oligocene age in the Buda Hills, Hungary

Abstract [galb.pdf]


Ghergari, L., Lazar, C. & Ionescu, C.

Mineralogical and petrographic characteristics of the XVIIth century ceramic ware found in the Oradea fortress (Romania)

Abstract [ghergaril.pdf]


Gorea, M., Kristály, F. & Zajzon, N.

The influence of Vadu Crisului kaolin on technological characteristics and microstructure of silica porcelain

Abstract [goream.pdf]


Gregor, M. & Vrtež, A.

Archeometry of Celtic refractory crucibles from Bratislava's oppidum

Abstract [gregorm.pdf]


Grovu, P.

Alteration processes in the Mesozoic island arc volcanics from the Trascău Mountains (Romania)

Abstract [grovup.pdf]


Gucsik, A., Gasharova, B., Bidló, A., Kovács, G., Heil, B. & Patocskai, Z.

Infrared spectroscopy of the muscovite (Sopron)–illite (Füzérradvány) system

Abstract [gucsika1.pdf]


Gucsik, A., Ninagawa, K., Nishido, H., Okumura, T., Bidló, A., Kovács, G., Heil, B. & Patocskai, Z.

Cathodoluminescence microcharacterization of illite from Füzérradvány, NE Hungary

Abstract [gucsika2.pdf]


Havancsák, I., Török, K. & Szabó, Cs.

Silicate melt inclusion study on plagioclase from Oligocene dacite, Zala Basin, Western Hungary

Abstract [havancsaki.pdf]


Hîrtopanu, P.

One hundred minerals for one hundred years (dedicated to the centennial of the Geological Institute of Romania)

Abstract [hirtopanup.pdf]


Hoeck, V., Ionescu, C. & Koller, F.

Mesozoic ophiolites in the Dinarides and the Carpathians: A review

Abstract [hoeckv.pdf]


Ilinca, Gh.

Rare sulphosalt minerals in Romania

Abstract [ilincag1.pdf]


Ilinca, Gh., Vizitiu, A., Topa, D. & Vlad, Ş.

A new occurrence of manganilvaite CaFe2+Fe3+(Mn2+, Fe2+)[Si2O7]O(OH) at Dognecea, Southwestern Banat, Romania: Chemical composition, crystal structure and cation ordering

Abstract [ilincag2.pdf]


Ionescu, C., Ghergari, L. & Ţentea, O.

Mineralogical, petrographic and geological studies on Roman bricks and tiles from Alburnus Maior and Apulum (Dacia Province): Possible raw materials sources

Abstract [ionescuc1.pdf]


Ionescu, C., Hoeck, V. & Pop, D.

Glauconite and celadonite in the altered basaltic rocks from the Deleni-6042 deep well (Transylvanian Depression, Romania)

Abstract [ionescuc2.pdf]


Jáger, V.

Metasomatic-hydrothermal processes along the contact zone of the Lower Cretaceous magmatic sills intruded into Lower Jurassic coal beds at Pécs-Vasas, Mecsek Mts., Hungary

Abstract [jagerv.pdf]


Jarmolowicz-Szulc, K., Karwowski, Ł. & Dudok, I. V.

Marmarosh diamonds – The typical association with the organic matter in the Outer Carpathians

Abstract [jarmolowiczszulck.pdf]


Jeleň, S., Háber, M., Andráš, P. & Stankovič, J.

Manganese minerals from the oxidation zone of Banská Štiavnica deposit



Karwowski, Ł. & Szełęg, E.

Zn-bearing cinnabar from Rabe near Baligród (Bieszczady Mts., Outer Carpathians, SE Poland)

Abstract [karwowskil.pdf]


Kiss, G. & Molnár, F.

Mineralogy and origin of geodes in the Balatonfelvidék Sandstone Formation at Csopak village, Balaton Highland, Hungary

Abstract [kissg.pdf]


Koller, F., Hoeck, V., Meisel, T., Ionescu, C. & Onuzi, K.

The tectonic setting of the plutonic sequence in Southern Albanian ophiolites

Abstract [kollerf1.pdf]


Koller, F., Schuster, R., Hoeck, V., Hoinkes, G. & Bousquet, R.

Metamorphic evolution of the Eastern Alps

Abstract [kollerf2.pdf]


Konc, Z., Hidas, K., Szabó, Cs. & Sharygin, V.

Sulfide inclusions in ultramafic xenoliths from Tuva (South Siberia)

Abstract [koncz.pdf]


Kónya, P.

Twinned phillipsite crystals in the basalts of the Tátika Group, Balaton Highland, Hungary

Abstract [konyap.pdf]


Košuth, M.

New type of cordierite assemblages from the Slanské Vrchy Mts., Eastern Slovakia

Abstract [kosuthm.pdf]


Kristály, F. & Szakáll, S.

Mordenite in ophiolites from the Metaliferi Mts., Romania

Abstract [kristalyf.pdf]


Križáni, I., Andráš, P. & Jeleň, S.

Heavy metals impact on plants at mining and recovery dumps of polymetallic waste ore material in the surroundings of the neovolcanites of the Štiavnické Vrchy Mts. area

Abstract [krizanii.pdf]


Kucha, H. & Wdowin, M.

The natural Cu5FeS4-Cu6.0Fe0.5S4-Cu7Fe0.3S4-Cu9Fe0.5Pb0.4S6-Cu2S system, Lubin copper deposits, Poland

Abstract [kuchah.pdf]


Kvasnytsya, I.

Native copper of the Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent areas

Abstract [kvasnytsyai.pdf]


Kvasnytsya, V.

Native gold of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Abstract [kvasnytsyav.pdf]


Lalinská, B., Chovan, M. & Milovská, S.

Mineralogical and geochemical study of mine tailings material from the antimony deposit Pezinok – Kolársky vrch (Slovakia)

Abstract [lalinskab.pdf]


Łojan, E. & Kucha, H.

Influence of mineral components on geochemistry of heavy metals in sediments of the Wilga River

Abstract [lojane.pdf]


Lukács, R.

Tephrostratigraphy in the Carpathian-Pannonian Basin: Mineral chemical constraints

Abstract [lukacsr.pdf]


Luptáková, J., Chovan, M. & Andráš, P.

Mineralogical study of hydrothermal vein Pb-Zn deposit Pod Babou (Malé Karpaty Mts., Slovakia)

Abstract [luptakovaj.pdf]


Mádai, V.

Cross-checking of aerial images and results of local sampling of Gyöngyösoroszi flotation tailing impoundment, North-Eastern Hungary

Abstract [madaiv.pdf]


Majzlan, J., Chovan, M., Lalinská, B., Milovská, S. & Jurkovič, ź.

The structure and ageing of As-rich ferrihydrite from Pezinok, Slovakia

Abstract [majzlanj.pdf]


Marincea, Ş., Dumitraş, D.-G., Diaconu, G. & Bilal, E.

Mineralogical data on the bat guano deposit from Polovragi Cave (Căpăţânii Mountains, Romania)

Abstract [marinceas.pdf]


Maris, C., Ghergari, L. & Ionescu, C.

Ceramic raw materials from the Gilău Mts. (Romania)

Abstract [marisc.pdf]


Márton, I., Moritz, R., Marchev, P., Bonev, N., Hasson, S. & Vennemann, T.

Ada Tepe and neighbouring gold prospects: Sedimentary-hosted, epithermal deposits and occurrences in the Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria

Abstract [martoni.pdf]


Matović, V. & Vasković, N.

Weathering of the gabbro stones of the Unknown Soldier monument (Mt. Avala, Serbia)

Abstract [matovicv.pdf]


Melnikov, V. S., Grechanovskaya, E. E., Demenko, D. P., Kvasnytsya, V. N. & Lazarenko, E. E.

Micromineralogy of ignimbrites of Sokyrnytsya zeolite deposit (Transcarpathians, Ukraine)

Abstract [melnikovvs.pdf]


Michalik, M. & Budzyń, B.

Mineralogical studies in the Polish Carpathians (period 2000-2005)

Abstract [michalikm1.pdf]


Michalik, M., Landenberger, A., Skiba, M., Warzecha, M. & Zych, B.

Secondary minerals in the Pieniny andesites (South Poland)

Abstract [michalikm2.pdf]


Miron, D.

Preliminary mineralogical aspects of some zeolites from the Mureş Valley, Romania

Abstract [mirond.pdf]


Murariu, T.

Yttrium in Romanian pegmatites

Abstract [murariut.pdf]


Nagy, I., Weiszburg, T. G., Fodorpataki, L. & Bartha, A.

Environmental impact of acid mine drainage in the Turţ Creek, Satu Mare County, Romania

Abstract [nagyi.pdf]


Nagy, S. & Molnár, F.

The hydrothermal mineral paragenesis of the Ferenc-hegy Cave (Buda Hills, Hungary)

Abstract [nagys1.pdf]


Nagy, S., Vojnits, A. & Weiszburg, T. G.

Mineralogical study of the Sátorkőpuszta Cave, Dorog, Hungary

Abstract [nagys2.pdf]


Neacşu, A.

Remarks on the geological origin of rumanite

Abstract [neacsua.pdf]


Novák, M. & Cempírek, J.

Chemical composition of tourmaline; a significance of crystal-structural constraints

Abstract [novakm1.pdf]


Novák, M. & Dosbaba, M.

Breakdown of primary columbite-tantalite related to Alpine type hydrothermal alteration, and redistribution of its components

Abstract [novakm2.pdf]


Osacký, M., Uhlík, P. & Kuchta, ź.

Experimental alteration of volcanic glass

Abstract [osackym.pdf]


Ozdín, D., Volek, M. & Števko, M.

Study of hydrothermal veins with axinites from the Western Carpathians

Abstract [ozdind.pdf]


Pál-Molnár, E., Bozsó, G. & Friebert, Z.

Environmental radiochemistry and complex environmental geochemistry of young lake sediments at the Szeged Fehér-tó, Hungary

Abstract [palmolnare1.pdf]


Pál-Molnár, E. & Jánosi, T.

Lapidator Project – Koch Sándor Mineral Collection, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology, University of Szeged

Abstract [palmolnare2.pdf]


Papp, G.

“History of minerals, rocks and fossil resins discovered in the Carpathian region” – A new handbook

Abstract [pappg.pdf]


Pekker, P. & Weiszburg, T. G.

Euhedral, Jurassic diagenetic opal-CT from Úrkút, Bakony Mts., Hungary

Abstract [pekkerp.pdf]


Péntek, A., Molnár, F. & Watkinson, D. H.

Mineralogy and formation conditions of gabbro pegmatites and overprinting hydrothermal parageneses in the Szarvaskő Complex, Bükk Mts., NE-Hungary

Abstract [penteka.pdf]


Petrescu, L. & Bilal, E.

Heavy metal pollution in the area of Crucea uranium mine (Romania)

Abstract [petrescul.pdf]


Petrík, I., Konečný, P. & Hovorka, D.

Monazite from a Low Tatra garnet leucogranite: Age, origin and relation to garnet

Abstract [petriki.pdf]


Popescu, Gh. C. & Cioaca, M.

Preliminary data concerning the Cu, Au, Ag distribution in the Bolcana ore deposit, Metaliferi Mts., Romania

Abstract [popescug.pdf]


Popivnyak, I., Tsikhon’, S., Oliynyk, T., Nikolenko, A., Nikolenko, P. & Marusyak, V.

Physicochemical conditions and stages of mineral formation in the Saulyak gold deposit (Rakhiv ore district, Transcarpathian region)

Abstract [popivnyaki.pdf]


Pósfai, M., Kósa, I., Kasama, T., Chong, R. K. K., Simpson, E. T., Finlayson, A. P., Dunin-Borkowski, R. E., Buseck, P. R. & Frankel, R. B.

Relationships between the properties of ferrimagnetic nanocrystals and biological control over crystal growth in magnetotactic bacteria

Abstract [posfaim.pdf]


Precup, C., Ionescu, C. & Ghergari, L.

Interdisciplinary (mineralogical-geological-archaeological) study of the ancient pottery from Pălatca (Transylvania, Romania)

Abstract [precupc1.pdf]


Precup, C., Ionescu, C., Ghergari, L. & Simon, V.

Mineralogical and petrographical study of Middle Bronze Age ceramics from Derşida (NW Transylvania, Romania)

Abstract [precupc2.pdf]


Pršek, J. & Ozdín, D.

Chemical composition of the sulphosalts from the bismuthinite-aikinite series from the Western Carpathians

Abstract [prsekj.pdf]


Puscaş, M.

Mineralogical study of the Frumoasă Cave, Hăldăhaia area, Romania

Abstract [puscasm.pdf]


Robert, J.-L.

The proton: A cation like the others in rock-forming minerals

Abstract [robertjl.pdf]


Rózsa, P., Szöőr, Gy., Elekes, Z., Gratuze, B., Uzonyi, I. & Kiss, Á. Z.

Discrimination between tectonic environments of obsidian samples using geochemical data

Abstract [rozsap.pdf]


Rzepa, G., Bazarnik, J., Muszyński, M. & Gaweł, A.

Ferruginous concentrations in sandstones near Dobczyce (Silesian Unit, the Western Polish Carpathians) – Preliminary results

Abstract [rzepag.pdf]


Seresné Hartai, É., Földessy, J. & Zelenka, T.

Telkibánya field training park – Potential field programs in mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry

Abstract [seresnehartaie.pdf]


Škoda, R. & Čopjaková, R.

Herzenbergite and Sn-bearing tinzenite from the NYF pegmatite in Třebíč pluton, Moldanubicum, Czech Republic

Abstract [skodar.pdf]


Šottník, P.

Products of passive treatment of acid mine drainage and technological wastewater

Abstract [sottnikp.pdf]


Stremtan, C.

Hydrothermal association of zeolites from Copăceni, Cluj County, Romania

Abstract [stremtanc.pdf]


Stríček, I., Šucha, V. & Uhlík, P.

Weathering of smectite at Kopernica deposit

Abstract [striceki.pdf]


Stumbea, D.

Some geochemical features of metasomatic tourmaline related to pegmatites from Romania

Abstract [stumbead.pdf]


Szakáll, S., Almási, E., Köllő, A., Sajó, I. & Vezzalini, G.

New data about the minerals of the copper ore deposit at Bălan (East Carpathians) and of limestone xenoliths from basalt at Racoşu de Jos (Perşani Mts.), Romania

Abstract [szakalls1.pdf]


Szakáll, S., Fehér, B. & Vezzalini, G.

Occurrence of cowlesite in andesite at Pilisszentlászló, Pilis Mts., Hungary

Abstract [szakalls2.pdf]


Szakáll, S., Papucs, A., Jánosi, Cs., Kristály, F. & Pál-Molnár, E.

Postmagmatic alacranite (?) from the Ciomadu area, South Harghita, Romania

Abstract [szakalls3.pdf]


Szendrei, G., Tóth, T., Szakáll, S., Kovács-Pálffy, P. & Sajó, I.

Salt minerals in efflorescences on soil surface of Hungary

Abstract [szendreig.pdf]


Szepesi, J., Kozák, M. & Papp, I.

Facies architecture and petrology of a Badenian shallow subvolcanic rhyolite body, Mulató Hill at Lőrinci, Mátra Mts. (Hungary)

Abstract [szepesij.pdf]


Thamó-Bozsó, E., Juhász, Gy. & Ó. Kovács, L.

Origin of sediments transported from different directions into the Lake Pannon during the Late Neogene, based on mineralogical composition of sands and sandstones in the Hungarian Plain

Abstract [thamobozsoe1.pdf]


Thamó-Bozsó, E., Nádor, A., Magyari, Á. & Babinszki, E.

Optically stimulated luminescence dating of quartz from Late Quaternary sediments in Hungary

Abstract [thamobozsoe2.pdf]


Tillmanns, E.

New minerals: Specimens for collectors and museums or suppliers of new findings in crystal chemistry

Abstract [tillmannse.pdf]


Tóth, E., Weiszburg, T. G. & Pop, D.

Critical evaluation of the analytical data on dioctahedral iron-rich micas and related mineral phases published in the literature

Abstract [tothe.pdf]


Tuba, Gy., Kiss, P., Pósfai, M. & Mindszenty, A.

Preliminary data on the diagenesis of Cretaceous dinosaur bones from the Bakony Mts., Hungary

Abstract [tubagy.pdf]


Udubaşa, G., Constantinescu, S., Popescu-Pogrion, N. & Udubaşa, S. S.

Nanometric inclusions in minerals. An EPMA, TEM/SAED and Mössbauer (NGR) approach

Abstract [udubasag.pdf]


Udubaşa, S. S., Constantinescu, S., Popescu-Pogrion, N., Grecu, N. M. & Udubaşa, G.

Mössbauer (NGR), XRD, TEM/SAED and ESR investigations on some sulphides from Costeşti, Valea lui Stan and Jidoştita gold ores (Southern Carpathians, Romania)

Abstract [udubasass.pdf]


Uher, P., Gregáňová, G. & Szakáll, S.

Sapphire-bearing syenite xenolith from Gortva, Cerová Mountains, Slovakia

Abstract [uherp1.pdf]


Uher, P., Žitňan, P. & Ozdín, D.

Compositional variations of pegmatite Nb-Ta mineral assemblage from the Limbach area, Malé Karpaty Mts., Slovakia

Abstract [uherp2.pdf]


Uhlík, P. & Eberl, D. D.

Evaluation of powder XRD data using the MudMaster and RockJock computer programs

Abstract [uhlikp.pdf]


Urban, M., Konečný, P. & Thomas, R.

Superdense CO2 inclusions in Cretaceous quartz-stibnite veins of the Gemeric Unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia

Abstract [urbanm.pdf]


Váczi, T., Tóth, E. & Weiszburg, T. G.

Modelling IR absorption for Si-O stretching vibrations of 2:1 layer silicates based on bond valence calculations

Abstract [vaczit.pdf]


Viczián, I.

Comparison of the main periods of kaolinite formation in Slovakia and Hungary

Abstract [vicziani.pdf]


Vinkler, A. P., Harangi, Sz., Ntaflos, T. & Szakács, S.

Mineral chemistry of the Pleistocene Ciomadul volcanic rocks, East Carpathians

Abstract [vinklerap.pdf]


Włodyka, R. & Karwowski, Ł.

Fluorine-bearing garnets from the teschenite sill in the Polish Western Carpathians

Abstract [wlodykar.pdf]


Zajzon, N., Bűdi, N., Szakáll, S. & Mátyási, S.

Preliminary study of the ore minerals of the “Avram Iancu” Co-Ni-U ore deposit, Bihor Mts., Romania

Abstract [zajzonn.pdf]


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Authors [authors.pdf]



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