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Abstract Series 1

2nd "Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians" Conference
Edited by Béla Fehér and Sándor Szakáll 2003 - 121 pages, 1,000 HUF

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Andráš, P., Chovan, M. & Ozdín, D.

Incorporation of “invisible gold” to the sulphide minerals from Tatric Unit (Western Carpathians, Slovak Republic) Abstract (003.pdf)


Andráš, P., Chovan, M., Schroll, E., Neiva, A. M. R., Král, J. & Zachariáš, J.

Western Carpathian and selected European Sb-mineralizations; Pb-isotope study
Abstract (004.pdf)


Andráš, P., Luptáková, J. & Kotulová, J.

Evolution of ore-forming fluids at Pezinok-Kolársky vrch Sb-Au deposit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia) Abstract (005.pdf)


Babić, D.

Application of the surface energies of a crystal for the calculation of the relative formation temperature Abstract (006.pdf)


Babić, D.

The morphological stability of growing crystals Abstract (007.pdf)


Bajnóczi, B., Seres-Hartai, É. & Szakáll, S.

Phosphate-bearing minerals in epithermal systems – A few examples from the Carpathian-Pannonian region Abstract (008.pdf)


Barabás, A., Burján, Zs., Breitner, D., Szabó, Cs., Nagy-Balogh, J., Gál-Sólymos, K. & Molnár, Zs.

Source minerals of radon anomalies – Hungarian case studies Abstract (009.pdf)


Benea, M. & Gorea, M.

Using wollastonite from Băiţa Bihor (Apuseni Mountains, Romania) for fast-firing ceramic glazes Abstract (010.pdf)


Benkó, Zs. & Molnár F.

Structural controls of fluid mobilization processes connected to the Variscan and Alpine igneous activity in the Velence Mts. (Western Hungary) on the basis of studies of fluid inclusion planes Abstract (011.pdf)


Berbeleac, I.

Some features of Neogene volcanic structures and metallogenic products from Voia area, Metaliferi Mountains, Romania Abstract (012.pdf)


Besutiu, L., Gorie, J. & Dordea, D.

Geophysical setting of the deep well 6042 Deleni in Central Transylvania, Romania Abstract (013.pdf)


Bilonizhka, P.

Leonite in Pre-Carpathian evaporites and its transformation under increased temperatures Abstract (014.pdf)


Broska, I.

REE accessory minerals in the felsic silicic rocks of the West-Carpathians: their distribution, composition and stability Abstract (015.pdf)


Bükös, M. Cs. & Dódony, I.

Anomalous grandite garnet from Băiţa Bihor, Romania Abstract (016.pdf)


Burda, J.

Morphology and geochemistry of zircon from the metamorphic rocks of the Western Tatra Mts. (S-Poland) Abstract (017.pdf)


Burke, E. A. J.

Lost minerals? Abstract (018.pdf)


Chovan, M. & Ozdín, D.

Chemical composition of Ni, Co and Fe sulphoarsenides and arsenides in the hydrothermal siderite veins in the Western Carpathians (Slovakia)
Abstract (019.pdf)


Cocić, S., Erić, S. & Srecković-Batocanin, D.

Vesuvianite and grossular from the skarn near Susula, East Serbia
Abstract (020.pdf)


Constantina, C. & Pop, D.

Brief overview on the SiO2 varieties of gem-quality from Southern Apuseni Mountains (Romania) Abstract (021.pdf)


Csámer, Á.

Shallow subvolcanic andesitic magmatism in the East Borsod Basin, Hungary: an example of magma/wet sediment interaction Abstract (022.pdf)


Damian, F. & Damian, Gh.

Bournonite from hydrothermal ore deposits in the Baia Mare area, Romania
Abstract (023.pdf)


Damian, Gh. & Damian, F.

Mn-rich tetrahedrites in the Romanian territory Abstract (024.pdf)


Damian, Gh. & Damian, F.

The use of the zeolitic tuffs in the detoxification of heavy metal contaminated soils
Abstract (025.pdf)


Dódony, I. & Lovas, Gy. A.

Crystal chemistry of clay minerals around the border of an overpressure zone in one of the deep sub-basins of the southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain
Abstract (026.pdf)


Ďuďa, R.

Slovakian minerals – The current stage of knowledge Abstract (027.pdf)


Dumitras, D.-G., Marincea, Ş., Diaconu, G. & Bilal, E.

Calcium phosphates in the bat guano deposit from Peştera Mare de la Mereşti, Perşani Mountains, Romania Abstract (028.pdf)


Edelstein, O.

Minicollections of minerals – A contribution to educating the young generation
Abstract (029.pdf)


Fehér, B., Szakáll, S. & Nagy, G.

Kamphaugite-(Y), a rare hydrous Ca-Y-carbonate mineral from Szarvaskő, Bükk Mountains, Hungary Abstract (030.pdf)


Fekete, J., Weiszburg, T. G. & Tóth, E.

Tracing glauconite formation in Oligocene-Miocene sandstones in Hungary
Abstract (031.pdf)


Fulín, M.

Morphology of quartz from Paleogene sediments at the locality Veľký Lipník, Slovakia Abstract (032.pdf)


Füri, J., Szakmány, Gy., Kasztovszky, Zs. & T. Bíró, K.

Polished basalt stone tools from Hungary Abstract (033.pdf)


Gajić, B. & Vasković, N.

Mineral assemblages and crystallization of the Kosmaj granitoids and its enclaves (Serbia) Abstract (034.pdf)


Gawęda, A., Marynowski, L. & Kępińska, B.

Migrabitumens – The link between the Podhale Trough and the crystalline basement of the Western Tatra Mts. Abstract (035.pdf)


Gawęda, A. & Pieczka, A.

Tourmalines from the crystalline basement of the Western Tatra Mountains (Poland) – Indicators of partial melting processes Abstract (036.pdf)


Georgiţă, M.

Note on the record of an unknown meteorite fall near the Oradea fortress (Transylvania, Romania) at the end of the 17th century Abstract (037.pdf)


Ghergari, L., Ionescu, C. & Lazar, C.

The mineralogy of the Neolithic ceramics from Ungurului cave (Suncuius, Romania) Abstract (038.pdf)


Ghergari, L., Ionescu, C. & Rusu-Bolindet, V.

Geoarchaeological study on local fine ceramics from II-III century (Napoca site, Romania) Abstract (039.pdf)


Gorovoy, A., Dorofeev, V. & Gorovaya, N.

Technogenic geology – A new branch of earth sciences Abstract (040.pdf)


Háber, M., Jeleň, S., Shkolnik, E. L., Gorshkov, A. A. & Zhegallo, E. A.

The participation of micro-organisms at the formation of todorokite from oxidation zone (Terézia vein, Banská Štiavnica deposit, Slovak Republic)
Abstract (041.pdf)


Hidas, K., Falus, Gy. & Szabó, Cs.

Petrographic evidence to extension of the Pannonian Basin Abstract (042.pdf)


Hîrtopanu, P. & Scott, P.

Minerals and mineral varieties from metamorphosed Mn deposits of Bistrita Mountains, Romania Abstract (043.pdf)


Hîrtopanu, P., Udubaşa, G. & Scott, P.

Minerals of the metamorphosed Mn-Fe deposits in Romania: old deposits, new species Abstract (044.pdf)


Höck, V. & Ionescu, C.

Supra-subduction zone (?) basalts from the Deleni-6042 deep well (Transylvanian depression, Romania) Abstract (045.pdf)


Il’chenko, K. O.

Refinement of the syngenite structure and investigation of its heating and moisturing products by means of IR-spectroscopy Abstract (046.pdf)


Ionescu, C., Höck, V. & Topa, D.

Alteration processes on basalts from the Transylvanian depression, Romania (deep well 6042-Deleni) Abstract (047.pdf)


Jáger, V. & Molnár, F.

Metasomatic-hydrothermal processes along the contact zone of a tephritic sill and black shale in the Eastern Mecsek Mts., South-Hungary Abstract (048.pdf)


Jeleň, S., Háber, M., Koděra, P. & Lexa, J.

Ore mineralization of the Banská Štiavnica stratovolcano, Slovakia
 Abstract (049.pdf)


Karwowski, Ł. & Włodyka, R.

The pectolite skarn from Międzyrzecze (Bielsko-Biała region) in the Polish Carpathians Abstract (050.pdf)


Kele, S., Vaselli, O. & Szabó, Cs.

Paleoclimatological studies on travertines from Budakalász (Buda Mts., Hungary): evidence from stable isotopic data  Abstract (051.pdf)


Kóbor, B., Geiger, J. & Pál Molnár, E.

Environmental radiological aspects of the coal mining in Pécsbánya (South Hungary) Abstract (052.pdf)


Koller, F. & Aigner-Torres, M.

Petrological and geochemical arguments for the nature and source of the Szarvaskő complex (NE-Hungary) Abstract (053.pdf)


Kovács, G., Raucsik, B. & Horváth, P.

Minerals of Gyód serpentinite body, Hungary Abstract (054.pdf)


Kovács-Pálffy, P. & Thamó-Bozsó, E.

Composition and provenance of the Pontian sand at Supuru de Jos (Romania)
Abstract (055.pdf)


Kristály, F., Stremtan, C. & Tóth, A.

Mineralogical aspects of some hydrothermal zeolites from Copaceni, Romania
Abstract (056.pdf)


Križáni, I., Andráš, P. & Danáková, A.

Biomobilization and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in montaneous landscape (Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republic) Abstract (057.pdf)


Križáni, I., Andráš, P. & Dluholucká, L.

Different mobility of heavy metals in hydroquartzite and in sediments of teiling pounds (Banská Štiavnica, Western Carpathians, Slovak Republic)
Abstract (058.pdf)


Kulchytska, G. & Pavlyshyn, V.

Opal varieties in Carpathian volcanic rocks Abstract (059.pdf)


Kvasnytsya, I. V.

Simple forms of syngenite (kaluszite) crystals Abstract (060.pdf)


Kvasnytsya, V. M., Voznyak, D. K., Il’chenko, K. O., Kvasnytsya, I. V. & Hryniv, S. P.

New data on syngenite (kaluszite) Abstract (061.pdf)


Lazarenko, He., Blazhko, V. & Kulibaba, V.

Physico-chemical conditions of quartz and carbonate vein formation from the caldera of the Kelchey volcano (Transcarpathians, Ukraine) Abstract (062.pdf)


Leél-Őssy, Sz. & Surányi, G.

Minerals of the József Hill Cave, Budapest, Hungary Abstract (063.pdf)


Lóránth, Cs.

Offretite from the Balaton Highland, Hungary Abstract (064.pdf)


Lu, N. & Conca, J. L.

Plutonium behavior in brines after equilibration with periclase (MgO) backfill
Abstract (065.pdf)


Mádai, F. & Németh, N.

Mechanisms and microstructural elements of the early, ductile deformation phase in limestones of the NE Bükk Mountains, Hungary Abstract (066.pdf)


Mádai, V.

The environmental hazard of the Gyöngyösoroszi flotation waste dump (Mátra Mountains, Hungary) Abstract (067.pdf)


Marincea, Ş. & Dumitraş, D.-G.

Monticellite and hydroxylellestadite in high-temperature skarns from Romania
Abstract (068.pdf)


Márton, I., Pál-Molnár, E. & Luffi, P.

The origin of amphiboles occurring in mafic and ultramafic rocks of the Ditrău alkaline massif (Eastern Carpathians, Romania) Abstract (069.pdf)


Matović, V. & Vasić, N.

Limestones from the Krivelj quarry (East Serbia) – Petrographic study
Abstract (070.pdf)


Melnikov, V. S.

The twinning structure of tridymite from miarolitic dacite of the Cherna Mountain (Transcarpathians, Ukraine) Abstract (071.pdf)


Mikuš, T. & Spišiak, J.

Cr-spinels from Mesozoic volcanic rocks from Podmanín (Western Carpathians, Slovakia) Abstract (072.pdf)


Milovská, S.

Characterization of As-rich iron ochre precipitates from mine drainage water of Kolársky vrch Sb (Au) deposit (Malé Karpaty Mts., Slovakia) Abstract (073.pdf)


Mosonyi, E.

Contact metamorphic processes on metamorphic xenoliths in Neogene intrusive bodies from southern part of Rodna Mountains (East Carpathians, Romania)
Abstract (074.pdf)


Nagy, G.

Nacareniobsite in phonolites in the Mecsek Mts. (Hungary) – Second occurrence in the world? Abstract (075.pdf)


Nagy, G.

Problems of monazite dating by EMPA Abstract (076.pdf)


Naumko, I., Kovalyshyn, Z. & Matviishyn, Z.

Conditions of formation of the gold-bearing stockwork-type bodies of the Beregove ore field (Transcarpathians, Ukraine) Abstract (077.pdf)


Nedelcu, L., Rosu, E. & Costea, C.

Mineral microinclusions hosted in sulfides of main Neogene porphyry copper and epithermal ore deposits of the South Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Abstract (078.pdf)


Onac, B. P.

Minerals of the Carpathians: first update Abstract (079.pdf)


Onac, B. P. & Vereş, D. Ş.

Depositional environment of secondary phosphate minerals in Măgurici Cave (Romania) Abstract (080.pdf)


Onac, B. P., Vereş, D. Ş., Kearns, J., Chirienco, M., Minuţ, A. & Breban, R.

Secondary minerals found in old mine galleries from Roşia Montană, Romania
Abstract (081.pdf)


Pál-Molnár, E., Batki, A. & Kóbor, B.

Rock-forming minerals of Battonya and Csongrád granitoids Abstract (082.pdf)


Pál-Molnár, E., Kovács, G. & Benő, É.

Origin of granitoid rocks of the Ditrău alkaline massif, Transylvania, Romania
Abstract (083.pdf)


Papp, G.

A searchable database of mineral locality names of the Carpathian region
Abstract (084.pdf)


Pekker, P., Weiszburg, T. G. & Polgári, M.

Micromineralogical and clay mineralogical study of the Eplény Limestone Formation, Úrkút, Hungary Abstract (085.pdf)


Pop, D., Ureche, I. & Bedelean, H.

Roşia Montană, Romania: from museum samples to the implications of a new “gold rush” Abstract (086.pdf)


Popivnyak, I., Kolodiy, O., Lyakhov, Y., Ekhivanov, V., Nikolenko, A., Nikolenko, P., Pavlyuk, T., Kovalevsky, V., Marusyak, V., Oliynik, T. & Tsikhon’, S.

Complex application of the methods of practical thermobarochemistry and geoindication: decyphering of aerial cosmic production in the study ore generating systems Abstract (087.pdf)


Pósfai, M., Arató, B., Dunin-Borkowski, R. E., Frankel, R. B. & Buseck, P. R.

Structure, composition, and magnetic properties of minerals in magnetotactic bacteria Abstract (088.pdf)


Robu, I. N. & Robu, L.

Zircon in migmatitic rocks of the South Carpathians (Romania) Abstract (089.pdf)


Robu, L. & Robu, I. N.

Crystallochemistry of chlorites associated with ultramafic bodies from South Carpathians (Romania) Abstract (090.pdf)


Rózsa, P., Elekes, Z., Szöőr, Gy., Simon, A., Uzonyi, I., Kiss, Á. Z. & Simulák, J.

Mapping minerals in obsidian glasses by using micro-pixe technique
Abstract (09.pdf)


Săbău, G. & Alberico, A.

A new loveringite occurrence: oriented rods in garnet from the Foltea lherzolite, South Carpathians, Romania Abstract (092.pdf)


Siklósy, Z., Gál-Sólymos, K., Korpás, L. & Szabó, Cs.

Petrographic and geochemical studies on a travertine cone in South Vértes Mts. (Hungary): evidence from magmatic fluid influence? Abstract (093.pdf)


Sipos, P., Németh, T., Mohai, I. & Dódony, I.

Adsorption of lead on a Luvisol profile from the Cserhát Mts., NE Hungary
Abstract (094.pdf)


Sitášová, E.

Selected mining dumps in Slanské vrchy Mts. (Slovakia): geochemical conditions and their influence of vegetation Abstract (095.pdf)


Starzec, K. & Jach, R.

Glaucony in the Lower Jurassic deposits of the Križna Unit (Tatra Mts., Poland)
Abstract (096.pdf)


Stumbea, D.

Granitization phenomena in the Gilău Mountains (Romania). A geochemical approach Abstract (097.pdf)


Szabó, Cs., Falus, Gy., Bali, E., Kovács, I., Zajacz, Z. & Hidas, K.

Composition and evolution of lithospheric mantle beneath the Pannonian Basin: a petrographic and geochemical review Abstract (098.pdf)


Szakács, A.

Neogene-Quaternary volcanism of the Carpathian-Pannonian region. A volcanological perspective Abstract (099.pdf)


Szakáll, S., Nagy, G. & Sajó, I. E.

Synchysite-(Ce) from the Komló coal deposit, Mecsek Mts., South Hungary
Abstract (100.pdf)


Szilágyi, V., Szinger, B., Weiszburg, T. G., Horváth, Z. & Mindszenty, A.

Euhedral calcite in carbonatic concretions from Quaternary paleosol environment, Gyöngyösvisonta, Hungary Abstract (101.pdf)


Tamas, T. & Ghergari, L.

Hydronium jarosite from Iza Cave (Rodnei Mts., Romania) Abstract (102.pdf)


Tóth, S., Csámer, Á. & Rózsa, P.

A DOS program for supporting modal analysis of rocks (MOD_EL v. 2.12)
Abstract (103.pdf)


Tóth-Szabó, T.

Historical-museological data of the meteorite of Kisgyőr (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary) Abstract (104.pdf)


Turchinov, I. I.

Mineral formation processes in karst cave systems of the Middle Miocene Badenian gypsum (Carpathian foredeep, West Ukraine) Abstract (105.pdf)


Udubaşa, G.

Outstanding mineral occurrences in Romania: what’s new? Abstract (106.pdf)


Ureche, I., Papp, D. C. & Niţoi, E.

Magmatic differentiation processes during evolution of Neogene calc-alkaline magmatites of the subvolcanic zone in the East Carpathians Abstract (107.pdf)


Váczi, T. & Warren, M. C.

Computer simulation by energy minimisation of fibrous zeolite structures
Abstract (108.pdf)


Vasković, N., Koroneos, A., Christofides, G., Srecković-Batocanin, D. & Milovanović, D.

Major element modeling of the Brnjica granitoids (Eastern Serbia)
Abstract (109.pdf)


Weiszburg, T. G., Buda, Gy., Lovas, Gy. A., Benea, M., Pop, D., Christofides, G., Koroneos, A., Compagnioni, R., Ferraris, G., Effenberger, H. S., Tillmanns, E., Geiger, C. A., Merlino, S., Pasero, M., Müller, W. F., Pósfai, M. & Vaughan, D. J.

General trends in the European higher education and their effects on the teaching of mineral sciences Abstract (110.pdf)


Weiszburg, T. G., Pop, D. & Tóth, E.

Chemistry-based nomenclatures versus discriminating analytical methods (FTIR, XPD) in the celadonite-glauconite family Abstract (111.pdf)


Włodyka, R. & Karwowski, Ł.

New minerals from picrite sill in Międzyrzecze, Polish Carpathians (type area of the teschenite-picrite association) Abstract (112.pdf)


Wójcik-Tabol, P.

Cenomanian-Turonian boundary events in Polish part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt in the light of geochemical data Abstract (113.pdf)


Wright, J. V. & Conca, J. L.

Remediation of groundwater contaminated with Zn, Pb and Cd using Apatite II
Abstract (114.pdf)


Yaremchuk, Ya., Skul’s’ka, L. & Koshil’, M.

Mineral composition of the pelitic fraction of the Dnister River bottom sediments (Ukraine): data of semi-quantitative analysis Abstract (115.pdf)


Zaharia, L., Suciu-Krausz, E. & Tamas, T.

Mineralogy of the Cave No. 4 from Runcului Hill (Metaliferi Mts., Romania)
Abstract (116.pdf)


Zajzon, N.

Mineralogical studies on Hungarian geological profiles crossing the Permian/Triassic boundary Abstract (117.pdf)


Zinchuk, I., Kalyuzhnyi, V. & Naumko, I.

Mineralogical peculiarities and forming conditions of veinlet mineralisation in the Paleozoic sedimentary series of Carpathian foreland Abstract (118.pdf)



Zugrăvescu, D., Polonic, G. & Negoiţă, V.

Physical characteristics of coal deposits determined from borehole logs. Application in the Subcarpathian zone of Muntenia, Romania Abstract (119.pdf)


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